The Pro Skateboard Trainer comes with no assembly required or maybe we should say very little assembly required complete with Chris Gentry's Party In The Parkin Lot Pro Skateboard ready to go. Just pull it out of the box and pop in the 6 pins and your up and training. It takes about 5-10 minutes for set up. When your finished training, just fold it up and store it in the closet, truck, SUV, RV or storage area. It takes two people to safely move it and also helps when putting the seat mount on to hold both sides while easily sliding in the safety pins. Not a lot a work figuring things out… just get to training.

The Deluxe Trainer

  • The Pro Trainer Skateboarder is made with quality steel and top notch bearings and hardware with a smooth glossy black powder coat finish. This machine can handle a heavy load and many training sessions. It's built to last and made In America. Get your flip, catch and steez down to a perfection. It's a no brainer... get a trainer!