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My name is Chris Gentry. I'm a Professional Vert Skateboarder and inventor of The Pro Trainer Skateboarder Reabilitator / Video Game Controller. U.S. Pat. No. 10,245,494


After 30 years of skateboarding and being injured it can take a major toll on your body as you may know if you've ever been in that position, especially if your 40 years or older. My passion for skateboarding progression and welding fabrication led me to build a machine that could stimulate and rehabilitate skateboarders with injuries that aren't into working out on traditional gym equipment.


The Pro Trainer allows you to have a seat, relax and build confidence in your flip and catch techniques while at the same time add that extra steez in your style before you bring it back to bolts... all while your injured. You can also hold yourself up and get a harder workout if you want. It's the funnest way to stimulate muscle memory when your trying to get it back. It enables you to slow it down and watch it work... while having a good time at it. It's a perfect party instagator as well.


Nothing beats the feeling of a real skateboard coming back to your feet after a flip trick. This machine is capable of doing lots of variations of tricks as you will soon find out for yourself. It's not for ollies... It's more for catch and fun. When you flip it all crazy and land it... it'll make you smile and who knows, It might provoke you to do it for real. Go for it.


It has a smooth bearing rotation on all axis points which allows the perfect smoothness while spinning and flipping the weight of a real skateboard. It's manufactured in the USA and built to last forever. Certified by the Pro Riders


The Pro Trainer started out as a rehabilitator and has now evolved into being the controller for the next level motion sensor video game coming soon... Looking forward to sharing some amazing stuff with Y'all.


Thanks for checking out the site. Hope you all get to experience it soon. Stay tuned to TheProTrainer.com 


Ride On Y'all


Chris Gentry


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