Welcome to Pro Entertrainment. We are based in Carlsbad, CA and we make Certified Pro Rider training equipment for skateboarders who need help learning, rehabilitating injuries, gaming or just having a good time.


  Each trainer is hand crafted and powder coated to perfection in the U.S.A. by Pro Skaters. We take pride in our work so we can put our name on it! We look forward to hearing from you and bringing The Pro Trainer into your facility. Thanks for stopping by. Contact us.


Learn how to flip and catch your board in slow motion. Feel the flick and catch. After 15 minutes of repetition go try it on your board with the actual ollie. You'll probably land it every time. If not then keep practicing, it'll happen.


If you are looking to build a skatepark in your town then allow us to contact you with California Skateparks and Site Design Group. Ask them about adding The Pro Trainer to your park. We are located in the same building in Carlsbad, CA. They are the best in the business. 


You can still enjoy the flick and catch even when your injured. The best way to rehabilitate is through repetition of a trick. Let The Pro Trainer help you keep your ankle and leg muscles loose and sharp. Skate again and you'll be ready.


The Pro Trainer is a great way to entertrain your customers while shopping. We offer clothing racks and sign displays for your top selling brands. Surround your Shop Trainer with the latest products. Contact us and we'll help you design the perfect display for your shop.


Coming soon is the next level in skateboard arcade gaming with The Pro Trainer as your joy stick controller. Use your thumbs and your whole body to become a Certified Pro Rider.  Stay tuned for more action.


Skate camps, ski resorts and gymnastics facilities have the perfect tools for Preparation. We currently have a few machines in Camp Woodward East. We look forward to witnessing the good times on the The Pro Trainer this summer as the campers show us their Protential. Stay tuned. 

Certified by The Pro Riders 


Allow 4 - 6 weeks to receive your Trainer.

Skateboarder Rehabilitator

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